Want to Honor the Earth for Earth Day? #NoStyro

In honor of Earth Day next week I am suggesting that we start a revolution and tell companies that use Styrofoam to stop. It is bad for our health and bad for the environment. If you want more details on why we should not use styrofoam click here to see my post Why Styrofoam is Bad.

ACTION: This week Tweet the companies below and tell them stop using styrofoam us the hashtag #NoStyro If you are not on Twitter go to their Facebook page or email them using their customer feedback pages (links listed below)

Since I wrote that post there have been TONS of people who have gone to the Dunkin Donuts website to leave a comment asking them to stop using styrofoam. Here are some other companies that I have seen using styrofoam. If you know of any others leave me comment, email me at greenforu (at) hotmail (dot) com, or tweet me @greenforu and I will add a link to their comment page.

Dunkin Donuts (@dunkindonuts): Tell Dunkin Donuts on Facebook here. Click here to tell Dunkin Donuts to finally get rid of their cups!

Chick-fil-a (@chickfila and @dancathy): Tell them on Facebook by clicking here. Click here to tell them to stop using styrofoam cups and containers. They even say on their website that they are not going to change their cups till they find a cup that still statifies their customers, right now they have not?

McDonalds ( @mcdonalds and @mcdonaldscorp) They may have ben the leaders in stoping the use of styrofoam containers in the late 80′s and early 90′s. They still use styrofoam cups in some areas for their Sweet Tea drinks. To leave a comment with them on their social responsibily webpage click here

Sonic (@sonicdrive_in): Tell them on Facebook here. Click here to tell Sonic get rid of their styrofoam cups

Jamba Juice (@jambajuice): Tell them on Facebook by clicking here. Click here to tell them to stop using styrofoam cups

Egglands Best (@egglandsbest): Tell them on Facebook here. Click here to tell Egglands Best to stop using styrofoam egg cartons.

Take some time and send these companies your comments telling them you want them to stop using styrofoam.

Sample Tweets to cut and paste:

 @dunkindonuts Coffee tastes better in paper cup. stop using styrofoam #nostyro

@jambajuice Stop putting your healthy fruit juices in styrofoam cups #nostyro

@egglandsbest Eggs prefer to be cardboard not styrofoam, save the earth #nostyro

@mcdonalds @mcdonaldscorp @chickfila In honor of the Earth and our health stop using styrofoam #nostyro

@dancathy as CEO of @chickfila you can help the planet by stopping the use of styrofoam at your resturant #nostyro


Have any other companies I should list email me or enter a comment here on the Green4U Facebook page.

Photo: leadpile.com

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