What I Loved About 2013

EPic 1

I had a great time writing this year, I learned a lot, met a lot of people (like Aziz Ansari, Chris O’Dowd, and Collin Farrel at the Epic movie premiere) and had a great time driving the Prius Plug-In in the Toyota Plug-In For Charity Challenge. It was a green year for me. I wanted to share with some of you who may have joined me on this journey later this year some of my favorite posts and fun things that happened to me this year. [Read more...]

Recipe: Butternut Squash Soup (Simple and Dairy-Free)

Butternut squash soupIt is that time of year where you want soup and you want butternut squash. One of my favorite soups is butternut squash soup. I created a recipe that does not require you have the one-kind-of-use kitchen gadget of an immersion blender. I have secretly wanted one so I could make this soup but am against single use kitchen gadgets since I only have 5 cabinets in my entire kitchen (but I have tons of windows)!!! I also wanted to make a soup that did not have dairy in it, I am dairy lover and can have it in anything but some of the people in my family who would like it do not so I wanted to create something tasty and dairy free. You can adapt this recipe easily to be vegan if you use veggie stock. [Read more...]

Why Fracking Affects All Of Us

Fracking 2I talked to friends and family a lot about the environment and the organizations I am involved with and when we get to the topic of fracking everyone says it does not affect them. I live in NJ and while there may a be few areas where fracking could be successful the natural gas industry is not desperate enough yet to try it here.

Here in New Jersey we are dealing with pipeline expansion and fracking waste dumping. We are not alone many states that do not have areas rich enough for fracking are still in the same situation

Dangers of pipeline explanation
As the infrastructure of pipelines continues to grow across the US to meet the demand compressor stations are being updated and new pipelines are being installed.  Many of the existing compressor stations are being upgraded to increase the pressure along the line and transport more gas faster. Many of these stations are attaching to old pipelines that have not been properly tested to see if the older pipes can handle the pressure. Right now there is a 50 year old pipeline going through my town that is being hooked up to a new compressor station 7 miles away that will triple the pressure along the line. Our town council passed an ordinance against it but it did not stop the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) from approving the new compressor station. [Read more...]

How To Reduce The Risks Of Chlorine In Pools

Swimming pool2Now that summer is in full swing and pools are now open every day all over the country we are all left with the question how do we deal with what chlorine does to skins, eyes, and hair?

Chlorine is a chemical that is used in pools to control bacteria and prevent algae from growing. The bacteria that can be present in water comes from the air and the people who come into the water. Chlorine used in pools can be entered at anywhere from 12-95% straight chlorine because of the dilution process.

One of the key things you can do is find out when your pool adds the chemicals. The best time for your health is right after the pool closes so that it can work and dilute in the overnight hours and is not highly concentrated when you are in the water. Obviously filters and other pools systems can be continuously putting chemicals in the water but sometimes special treatments are done on a regular basis. If you can avoid swimming right after chemicals are applied that is best but here are some tips on what to do to lower your risks. [Read more...]

Sopora Made in the USA, Organic Crib Mattress Giveaway

Babies spend such a huge part of their day sleeping, shouldn’t the surface they sleep on be safe for them? Babies need a healthy safe mattress to sleep on at night and during their naps. Unfortunately most conventional mattresses are loaded with toxic fire retardants and other chemicals, especially those that are imported, according to this test by Chicago Tribune. Thankfully there are many safer options, including the line of Made in the USA non-toxic crib mattresses from Sopora.

Normally the caveat with Eco-friendly mattresses is that they are expensive, especially those that are made in the USA. Now, a safe sleeping surface is affordable with Sopora, the prices start at just $167 for a Classic Crib Mattress! Why buy a conventional, imported mattress when you can get one for a comparable price that’s made right in the U.S. and will let you sleep easy knowing your baby is safe?

[Read more...]

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