15 Things You Can Do For Earth Day

15 Things You Can Do For Earth DayThere are literally 100 of things you can do to celebrate Earth Day. This list is the top 15 things you can do today that will last all year that will make a huge difference for your personal health and the health of the planet. Some things suggested here are big and some are small. Some of the small ones you may already do on occasion, make today the day you decide to follow through on those plans.

Get a reusable coffee mug and throw out your Keurig or other single use coffee machine. The average coffee drinker throws away 250 cups per year, therefore 58 billion cups per year are throw away per year. It takes 20 million trees [Read more...]

12 Ways To Save Money And Go Green

12 Ways To Save Money And Go GreenEvery year around Earth Day we all think about different ways we can help the planet and go green. People really want to save money too! Here are some tips on how to make green changes that will also help your wallet.

Use cloth napkins. I have personally gone 16 months without purchasing paper napkins, it is not hard. You can go super green and make them out of old table cloths that have stains on them or use small dish towels. [Read more...]

8 Tips On How To Save Water In The Shower

8 Tips On How To Save Water In The ShowerThe average American takes an 8 minute shower.

Each minute you use 4 gallons of water in a shower.

That is 32 gallons of water, per day, per person in your house. (tweet this)

Those facts are pretty startling when you think about it. I confess I take long showers sometimes, but I do feel guilty about it. Here are some of my tips on how to save time in the shower which will save a lot of money.

Shower with music on. Who needs a shower timer we have [Read more...]

5 Things To Do To Be Green This Holiday Season

5 Things To Do To Be Green This Holiday Season

As we rush around this holiday season going from party to party, mall to mall, and every other thing that comes with the holiday season we can have a real impact on the planet. Here are 5 things you can do to stay green while enjoying the holidays.

Bring your own bags. Reusable bags are not just for the grocery store, you can use them everywhere. Make sure you have your bags with when you go to mall and your local stores. If you can keep some in your purse or the pocket of your winter coat. I also always recommend that you leave some in your car too so you always have enough.

Car pool for shopping. I always enjoy going shopping with friends and my sister and carpooling is a great way to save gas and the CO2 emissions.

Combine trips so you drive less. While you are at it with the carpooling with your friends make sure you stop at all the places you need to get gifts so you do not need to make multiple trips out to shop. Plan out what stores you want purchase your gifts at and see how you can get to them all in one day out.

Shops at less online stores. Every package that arrives on your doorstep was driven there so if you can minimize the number of things that are delivered the better. If you can purchase more from amazon.com in one order (from Amazon directly) you may get them in one box. Amazon is just one example, if you have a store you want to purchase many items at make sure you purchase them all in the same shopping “trip.” There is also a very small chance that if you shop on the same day at multiple online retailers your packages could end up on the same delivery truck from a hub near your house saving an extra truck trip to your house.

Eat less meat and eat organic. Food is just as central to this time of year as shopping. Make sure you are eating just as healthy as you do the rest of the year. If you are going to be at a party at a friend’s house who is amazing cook and you are not going to have will power, eat healthier in the days leading up to the party and exercise more than usual. You can enjoy yourself during the holiday season without giving up everything you do the rest of the year.

How to do you stay green during the holidays? 


Water Bottles But Not the Plastic Ones!

Get a Sigg water bottle or other aluminium water bottle or a glass water bottle and fill it with tap water. I purchased a Sigg water bottle a few years ago to carry water for my walk to and from the train everyday (it is getting warmer now so I get pretty thirsty). These water-bottles are generally more expensive than a plastic water bottle but for your health you should not drink out a plastic water bottle. I also just purchased a glass water bottle at Starbucks that I LOVE! I can actually see how much water I have left in the bottle.

Sigg (http://www.mysigg.com/) is the  hip water bottle and the prices range from $15 to $30. They used to be hard to find but now you can get them at Target, Whole Foods, Walmart…etc.!

Make sure you fill it will tap water. If you are worried about what is in your tap water you can get it tested. You can get the Silverlake Research’s Watersafe All-in-One Kit  at watersafetestkits.com. It measures levels of bacteria, chlorine, lead, nitrates, and pesticides (all calibrated to EPA standards). The home test kit starts at $19.95 but you could go all out and mail them a water sample for $149.95. To be honest you probably spend more on bottled water in a year anyway so if you really are worried it is worth it.

If you do not want to test you water but you are concerned about it you could get a Brita water filter to further ‘clean’ your water. Remember Dasani and Aquafina are only filtered tap water from the bottling plant but they happen to be in plastic bottles!

So grab a water bottle, fill it up with tap water… save the environment and your wallet!

Reminder on why plastic is bad for you read my post here.

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