The Trick in Turning off or How to Bypass Car Alarm to Start Car Without a Key [An In-Dept View]

How to bypass car alarm to start a car is one trick every car owner desires to know to avoid unnecessary electrical triggering. Do you know how to reset your car without colliding with your alarm?

Over the years, the world has witnessed amazing technology in the automobile security system. The reason is to curb the menace of advanced theft happening around the world.

Most vehicles have their security system connected to the Body control module (BCM) or the electrical system to deter theft. However, this innovation can stop an owner from starting the car.

Sometimes, car security mimics a theft situation after a repair. This happens when the window is down and the owner is outside the locked car. The situation is corrected when the doors are unlocked from the rolled window.

The functionality of car alarms

Car alarms prevent the stealing of a car or attempted theft by producing a high pitched noise or sound. Usually, the output sound comes from vibration, fast, or small changes in the battery voltage.

Situations such as car tilting during unauthorized towing, presence of ultrasound, microwave, or infrared triggers the alarm or sending out SOS to a mobile number.

The navigation and alarm system are incorporated to improve the security level of the car. 

The ping signal sent out by the navigation helps in locating a stolen car.

Sensors can be adjusted to prevent the alarm from triggering when there are thunder vibrations, trucks passing or accidentally touching the car. More info can be found at the Best Car Alarm System to provide you the suitable alarm needed.

how to bypass car alarm to start car

The alarm makes use of a key fob (remote controller) that disables the triggering or high-pitched sound from a distance.

The remote controller has a variety of functions such as using an LCD screen that pinpoints the direction of the car under threat.

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How do you turn off a car alarm without the key?

A car security system is integrated with the main BCM and PCM which control the operational unit of the car. Units such as ignition and fuel are shut down if the security system is down. 

Oftentimes, a car alarm that has been set off will stop on its own after a few minutes when there is no access to the key fob to turn it off, or the fob does not work.

If you don’t want to wait that long or it keeps going, do your best to stay calm and try the following to restore peaceful silence to the neighborhood.

Though the high pitch sound can be beneficial in many ways, it can also be a nuisance. Take, for instance, the alarm refuses to shut off or the key fob refuses to work.

How to bypass car alarm to start the car can be achieved as follows:

1. Open Your Driver’s Side Door.

There are two options in this step. The first one is to place the car key into the driver’s side door or make use of the push-button key. For those using the latter, they would find the hidden key.

To get the hidden key, simply press the tiny button on the fob with the fingernails and the car door opens. This unlocks the alarm without a key.

2. ​Open the Ignition.

When you insert your key into your ignition and start the car, the alarm stops immediately. The process generates the car chipped code from the car that switches off the alarm.

3. ​Find The Alarm Fuse.

On the left side of any vehicle is the alarm fuse when you look below your steering wheel. There are vehicles whose compartment sections of their engines come with 3-4 boxes.

For alarms installed or aftermarket alarms, the fuse is seen under the hood on the wire connecting the positive terminals of the battery. Look at the fuse and search your alarm label.

The fuse box has a diagram that helps in working your way through the box. Pull the fuse that is connected to the alarm. If the alarm is still blaring, try another fuse.

Don’t worry about the wrong fuse you pulled out because there would be no damage to your car.

4. Understand The Warnings and The Tips

For those with a smart key or push button key, consulting the car manual is beneficial and tactical. There is information that would help you avoid making mistakes.

How do you think off the anti-theft system? You can also disengage your alarm system with these steps:

Anti theft system

1. ​Key And Cylinder Inspection

You should inspect your key fob battery to check if it disabled your system or is dead. If any of these happen, the alarm system would be activated. If the battery is dead, get a fresh one. 

Inspect your door lock cylinder and look out for a break-in. Also, you can check if the car key you are using is the right one.

If the key you are using is the wrong one, it would not produce the right code.

2. ​Ignites The Vehicle

When a car alarm activates, the engine may lock. This is the reason why disabling the alarm system is essential.

The first thing to do is to check your security light on the dashboard. The light is either red or blue.

Insert the car key to start the engine and wait for up to fifteen minutes with the key there. Check if the security light again to know if it is blinking.

When there is no blinking, turn off the key and leave it for about three minutes. Start your car. You can repeat this process until the trick works.

3. ​Combination Of The Car Door and Key

Insert your car key on the driver’s door and turn to disable the system without taking the keys out. The key should be in the keyhole for 30 seconds.

The car would detect that you are the owner and allow you to bypass the alarm system.

Now that you are aware about how to turn off car alarm without a key, you wont have the fear of unnecessary alarm any more. Hope you can grasp on ‘How to bypass car alarm to start a car’.

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