Best Double Din Car Stereo For The Money (Top 11 Head Unit For 2021)

best double din head unit for the money

Vehicle consoles have evolved from providing only radio services to housing DVD players, displaying navigation systems, and operating with a touch screen. Double din head unit offers a larger space (4″ x 8″) to insert these versatile devices. They ensure smooth synchronization that converts your motor into an amusement center.

When you insert these devices into your car, you can access to myriads of features. Instead of staring intensely into your phone, their large screens make maneuvering your phone easier and less risky. They have inbuilt volume controls for increasing or reducing the sound from your vehicle navigation system.

Based on our extensive research, we have come up with a list of the best double din head unit for the money. These incredible devices not only provide a memorable experience, but they also make sure you get the most from your investment. Smart synchronization between your phone and car becomes a reality.

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Jensen XRV10 Double DIN

  • Dimensions: 10.00 x 6.00 x 6.00 inches
  • Maximum output: 40W x 4
  • screen resolution is 1024 x 600

Pioneer AVH-X490BS Double Din

  • Dimension: 11.00 x 9.50 x 6.00 inches
  • Power output: peak: 50 watts
  • Built-in Amplifier:50W x 4 
BEST value

Sony XAVAX1000

  • Dimensions: 5.55 x 7.01 x 3.94 inches
  • Built-in 4 x 55 W amplification
  • Output power is 55 W

Double din car stereo comparison




1. Pioneer AVH-X490BS Double Din

  • Size:  11.00 x 9.50 x 6.00 inches
  • Power output: peak: 50 watts

Price : $ $ $

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2. Sony XAVAX1000

  • Size: 5.55 x 7.01 x 3.94 inches
  • Output power is 55 W
Price : $ $ $

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3. Pioneer AVHX4800BS 2-DIN

  • Size: 11 x 9.5 x 6 inches
  • Power output: peak: 50 watts
Price : $ $ $

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4. Jensen XRV10 Double DIN

  • Size: 10 x 8 x 4 inches
  • Maximum output: 40W x 4
Price : $ $ $

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5. ATOTO Year Series in-Dash

  • Size: 8.3 x 3.5 x 2.8 inches
  • Built-in Max 4*45W
Price : $ $ $

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6. Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX

  • Size: 17.7 x 9.8 x 7.1 inches
  • High power MOSFET 50W x 4
Price : $ $ $

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7. Kenwood DDX26BT Double DIN

  • Size: 9 x 12 x 8 inches
  • 50 W peak power
Price : $ $ $

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8. Kenwood DPX593BT 2-DIN

  • Size: 10.50 x 7.00 x 9.50 inches
  • Maximum output: 50W x 4
Price : $ $ $

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9. JVC KW-V250BT

  • Size: 10 x 6.5 x 12 inches
  • Maximum output: 50W x 4
Price : $ $ $

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10. Boss Audio Systems BV9364B

  • Size: 7.00 x 6.67 x 3.93 inches
  • Maximum output: 80W x 4
Price : $ $ $

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11. Pioneer AVH-1400NEX

  • Size: 11.00 x 9.50 x 6.50 inches
  • Maximum output: 50W x 4
Price : $ $ $

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Top 11 best double din head unit for the money

1. Pioneer AVH-X490BS Double Din


This double din vehicle stereo is top on our list. Its screen size is 7 inches, with a high WVGA resolution of 800 x 480. When it comes to connecting to a smartphone, the inbuilt Bluetooth comes in handy. It ensures smooth file sharing between your phone and the double din unit.

The touchscreen can be navigated with ease, even while driving. It is simply irresistible. The LED backlight also brightens up the device, giving the driver a memorable experience. Whether for safety or security reasons, the face can be easily detached. There are many languages programmed into the Pioneer AVH-X490BS Double Din, from which you can select the most appropriate.

Receiving calls while at the wheels poses no danger due to its hands’ free technology. Once your phone is synchronized, you are good to go. Another exciting feature is the remote control that you can press as the situation demands. You can rest assured that there is never a boring moment for your passengers. Simultaneous connection of more than one phone is possible.

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  • It has a brightness control feature.
  • It has an illumination timer.
  • Color can be customized up to 5 display colors and 112 key colors.
  • It comes with a voice control feature.
  • It has a dimmer setting than can be flipped on/off.
  • It has a well-developed audio sharing profile.


  • Impressive sound system
  • It contains many valuable add-ons.
  • Its background theme can be easily changed with its illumination button.


  • It loads rather slowly.
  • Selective Bluetooth does not work with every phone.

2. Sony XAVAX1000 6.2″ (15.7 cm)

If you are an iPhone user looking for a mid-priced double din head, then the Sony XAV-AX1000 is your best companion. Playing music is one of the basic functionalities of this device. You can easily import music files from your phone via the USB port.

The Sony XAV-AX1000 is inherently configured for safety. It comes with a mountable rear camera to eliminate parking stress. The Bluetooth feature permit drivers to make important calls without touching their phones, thanks to its hands-free component.

When using this device, the speed of operation is incredible. As soon as the engine starts, your device is ready to use. It comes with a large touchscreen that puts you in full control of your driving experience.

It has seamless integration with the Apple CarPlay, which enables you to play your favorite music, interact, and move quickly. Siri gives you the personalized service that comes by just talking to it. Making and receiving calls, navigating with the map, checking messages are performed without any extra effort.

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  • This product weighs 0.9 kg.
  • Product dimensions: 178 x 100 x 141 mm.
  • It is FLAC compatible.
  • It comes with three pre-outs sound enhancers.
  • Bluetooth functionality
  • It fits in easily with a rear chassis.
  • Its output power is 55 W.


  • Beautiful design
  • Easy of use
  • Smooth connection with phone
  • It makes driving more interesting.
  • The sound quality is high.


  • It cannot be customized.
  • It has only one USB port in front.

3. Pioneer AVHX4800BS 2-DIN Receiver

This is the perfect choice for the music-fanatic driver. It is designed to play everything from CD to DVD and AM radios. You do not have to worry about a boring journey because whatever your taste and preference are, the Pioneer AVHX4800BS 2-DIN Receiver has it handy. Apart from vinyl and cassettes, any other thing is playable. It effectively simulates home entertainment and DJ experience.

We love the fact that it comes with a dual phone feature that supports any category of Apple device, whether it is an iPad, iPhone, or iPod. This characteristic makes it stand out as one of the best double din head unit for the money. You can stream audio continuously as well as make and receive calls hands-free while driving. 

If you are the video type, you will need to get an adapter to make this feature work. It has seamless compatibility with the SiriusXM Sxv300 tuner. You can mix tunes, manipulate weather, and traffic instructions with this tuner. It comes with an AVIC-U260 navigation system that you can use whenever you desire. 

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  • Item weighs just 1 pound.
  • Product dimensions: 11 x 9.5 x 6 inches.
  • It has a 7-inch touchscreen.
  • It has a DVD/CD player.
  • It has an inbuilt Bluetooth feature.
  • It has an RMS power of 14 watts.


  • It has a remote for easier control.
  • It comes with a backup camera.
  • It offers multiple music choices.
  • It synchronizes perfectly with almost every Apple device.


  • Stopping an album is manual.
  • You need to connect with a USB cord before the navigation works.

4. Jensen XRV10 Double DIN

The Jensen XRV10 has a large enough screen that easily fits in a normal double din chassis. It has an appealing interface and a lot of features that make driving more pleasurable. It has lots of regard for safety with its three spaces for camera inputs and an inbuilt trigger for the reverse gear. Connecting with the SiriusXM is straightforward.

Listening to your favorite tunes is a breeze with the Bluetooth feature. Once connected, it also facilitates hands-free calling while on the wheels. Users can easily customize the background theme. To do that, you can select from over 18 million color choices.

We love the fact that you can also adjust the speaker settings, varying it from left to right, and from front to back. It has multiple inputs for audio and video sources. You can make use of a USB cord and the front AUX input. It also has a port for HDMI cable at the rear. There are different preset equalizing modes such as jazz, rock, talk radio, classical, etc.

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  • The product weighs 6.9 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 10 x 6 x 6 inches
  • A 12 V DC powers the system.
  • It has a Contrast Ratio of 500.
  • The screen resolution is 1024 x 600.
  • It comes with wireless remote control.
  • FM Sensitivity is up to 1.4 uV.
  • AM Sensitivity is as high as 22 uV.


  • The screen responds quickly.
  • The sound output quality is brilliant.
  • This product works seamlessly with the XM Sirius module.


  • It has no mounting sleeve.

5. ATOTO Year Series In-Dash Double Din Digital Media Car Stereo

This smart device works perfectly with your phone, all thanks to its inbuilt features that support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. You can manipulate the device by connecting with your USB cord.

You can perform a lot of activities using this device. You can make and receive calls, send and receive messages, ask and get directions, and select and listen to your favorite music playlist without taking your eyes off the road.

You can immediately connect your phone to the ATOTO YEAR SA102 as it automatically detects which operating system to run, whether CarPlay or Android Auto. You do not have to press the icon. You can as well activate Siri or Google Assistant by speaking to it, pressing the assigned key on the device, or using the voice key from the attached remote.

The ATOTO Year SA102 comes with many essential features that improve the entertainment you enjoy while driving. It has a radio tuner to select between AM and FM. You can integrate phones without any hassles, especially when you use the original USB cord that came with the device.

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  • It comes with 12 preinstalled FM and six preinstalled AM stations.
  • It comes with USB and AUX inputs.
  • It has a touchscreen display of size 6.75 inches.
  • It accommodates both Android Auto & iOS CarPlay systems.
  • It has a backup camera input.


  • Sound quality is above average.
  • Synchronizes perfectly with different devices
  • It is quite cheap.
  • It has an appealing aesthetic design.


  • Setting wallpaper from an SD card is challenging.

6. Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX In-Dash Multimedia Receiver

This is one of the best double din head unit for the money. If you are an iPhone, iPad, or iPod user, it is a perfect fit for the Apple CarPlay. The iOS is well developed to cater for both wireless and wired functions. However, only a handful of android phones work well with it presently. When connected with the original USB cable, Android Auto works as great.

An exciting feature of this car stereo is its auto-dimming function. As soon as the sun goes down, the backlight automatically reduces for an awesome night time experience. Your smartphone supports whichever operating system, you can rely on any of the artificial intelligence assistants to give you a hand. Siri and Google Assistant make it very easy to scan through and reply to your messages, as well as make and receive calls.

It is possible to mirror your phone screen while driving with an android phone. However, it does not come with an inbuilt navigation system. Streaming your favorite audio tunes is straightforward, thanks to the integrated Bluetooth feature.

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  • Detachable touchscreen display
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi functionality
  • It has an AppRadio mode+.
  • It connects directly with the iPod.
  • Seamless integration with Pandora internet radio
  • It supports Compatible Discs.
  • It has improved playback and search options.


  • Easy music navigation.
  • Stores your call history up to 80 numbers.
  • Instant Bluetooth connection.
  • Wireless home mirroring.


  • Some Bluetooth devices might not work properly.
  • It cannot play more than 16,000 songs on your device.
  • The iPhone is not compatible with wireless monitoring.

7. Kenwood DDX26BT Double DIN

This device comes with a touchscreen display of 6.2-inch. The illumination can be adjusted to suit your mood and preference with the color button. You can stream your choice of audio tunes from any storage medium – SD card (requires a USB connection), compact disc (CD), and other compatible devices.

The Kenwood DDX26BT Double DIN integrates flawlessly with online music platforms such as Spotify and Pandora. When successfully paired with your Bluetooth device, you can listen on to your music playlist while on the road.

The touchscreen display offers you a lot of control options. We love the fact that you can convert your phone to a wireless remote to navigate the device better. The user interface is so appealing that it grabs your attention immediately and sustains it for extended periods. It makes it easy to perform simple operations like connecting a new device, making and receiving a phone call, and adjusting the audio volume. You can also personalize the sound settings to suit you. It comes with several EQ presets and has provision for customization. The sound output is brilliant.

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  • Item weighs 7.1 pounds.
  • Product dimensions: 9 x 12 x 8 inches.
  • The device is SiriusXM Ready.
  • It has a screen resolution of 800 x 480.
  • Its internal amp releases a 50 W peak power.


  • The interface is easy to navigate.
  • It has a brilliant touchscreen display.
  • It has provisions for satellite radio.
  • Sound quality is top-notch.
  • Installation is quite user-friendly.


  • It has no space for AUX.
  • To enjoy the full benefits, you will have to buy other hardware.

8. Kenwood DPX593BT 2-DIN

This device offers great value for the money. It delivers quality entertainment while sticking to your budget. It comes with an inbuilt Bluetooth feature that enables you to move songs and videos easily from your phone. If you like, you can connect more than one phone. The Kenwood DPX593BT 2-DIN is capable of handling them.

Once paired with your phone, you can stream your choice of songs and enjoy the tunes while driving. Making and responding to a call is very easy, thanks to the hands-free feature. Besides, you can enjoy the beats from over the radio. You can switch flawlessly from AM to FM with the knob.

If you still have some of your favorite CDs in the house, you can listen to them in your car. The Kenwood DPX593BT 2-DIN has a slot where you can slide in your CDs while driving. Moreover, there is an auxiliary input if you prefer to plug your MP3.

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  • It has preamp outputs from six channels.
  • It has front panel auxiliary inputs.
  • SiriusXM satellite radio compatibility
  • Free remote app.
  • It can play high-res FLAC music files.


  • It has a brilliant display.
  • It has incredible sound quality.
  • You can personalize it to your taste.
  • Once connected, it reconnects automatically to your phone.
  • Setup is easy and straightforward.


  • It does not come with remote control.

9. JVC KW – V250BT

The JVC KW – V250BT offers a smooth, touch control to the user. By just moving your fingers across the screen, you can perform multiple operations. The control is intuitive, giving another realm of in-vehicle fun. The screen illumination follows the music beat, rising and falling with the tune.

If you have an iPhone, the connection is even simpler. As soon as you connect to the stereo to your phone with a USB cable, it automatically triggers the Bluetooth function to complete the pairing. It has a dual phone feature to accommodate two phones simultaneously with Bluetooth.

You can easily select your favorite songs by navigating the browsing history. One of the features we love is its ability to connect up to five different Bluetooth devices. Therefore, you can swap with your friends on who is streaming his songs next.

If you want to play compressed audio files, you do not have to worry about the blurriness. The JVC KW – V250BT cancels out the time distortion to produce very clear sounds. It also adjusts the sound timing to make sure they arrive simultaneously.

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  • Fulltime connection for two phones.
  • Voice recognition.
  • Remote control app.
  • Provision for the rearview camera
  • 13-band equalizer.
  • Item weighs 4.85 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 10 x 6.5 x 12 inches


  • Sleek design.
  • Brilliant sound system.
  • Easy navigation.


  • The stereo does not support phone mirroring.
  • It does not have Android Auto functionality.

10. Boss Audio BV9364B

The BOSS BV9364B in-car receiver is the perfect device for someone who loves vehicle entertainment but can’t afford to pay for it.

This stereo offers numerous alternatives to listening to your favorite song collections. You can slot in your CDs and listen to cool tunes as you drive. For a more personalized and contemporary listening experience, you can insert your SD card or connect to your phone with a USB cord. There is a provision for auxiliary input as well.

Besides, if you have preferred entertainment stations on the radio, you easily tune to them with the AM and FM features. It has an awesome equalizer component if you like to personalize the listening experience.

The Bluetooth feature makes it possible to receive and make calls without any distraction and without touching your phone. It comes with a sensitive external microphone that picks and amplifies your voice. It integrates easily with music apps like Spotify.

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  • It has preamp outputs.
  • Steering wheel control.
  • It can accommodate the SD card up to 32 GB.
  • Charge a USB device.
  • Additional video output.
  • It has provisions for rear viewing cameras.


  • It gives lots of value for such a small price.
  • It has a touchscreen display.
  • You can play music from your MP3 player.
  • You watch your choice movies with the DVD option.
  • You can control it with your voice.


  • The remote control contains numerous buttons.

11. Pioneer AVH-1400NEX

Unlike older touchscreen displays that give your finger a numbing feeling, the PIONEER AVH-1400NEX makes it appealing and addictive to touch. Your finger cannot just stop going there.

This smart stereo works seamlessly with almost all Apple devices. Although Android users can still use it, they will get only a fraction of the benefits. To start using it, you have to connect your phone with a USB cable. All buttons are digital, which means you only touch them via the screen.

If you are a music lover, you will have to use the audio streaming feature or get a flash drive. You can listen to the radio continuously with the HD Radio feature. Siri Eyes Free is the perfect car assistant. You will be able to make and receive calls without touching your phone. You can also reply to text messages without taking your eyes off the road.

It has provision for a rear-viewing camera for a quicker and safer parking experience.

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  • The screen size is 6.2 inches
  • The screen resolution is 800 x 400.
  • It comes with a 13-band equalizer.
  • Preinstalled amplifier.
  • It has an AM and FM radio tuner.


  • Buttons cannot be broken.
  • Seamless integration with the Apple CarPlay.
  • Integrates easily with Spotify, Pandora, and Audible.
  • Appealing design.
  • Bright colors.
  • Easy to use.


  • It has no provision for CD/DVD.
  • It has minimal support for android devices.

Double din stereo unit

Buying Guide

The market is swarming with various double din head units, thanks to the increasing manufacturers. It becomes difficult for a prospective user to make a purchase decision. To ease your dilemma, we have compiled the Best Double Din Head Unit for the money. Below are the criteria you should run through before you finally release your money to the seller.

1. display

Just because a screen display is large, it does not make it a better option. In the same way, a smaller screen does not translate into an inferior product. You need to make sure that the displays are not dull at any point of use, especially when you are driving at night. A blurry screen will reduce your ability to use it and, subsequently, the entertainment you can derive.

You need to consider the screen layout to ensure it is neither cluttered nor poorly put together. The importance of a clear screen cannot be overemphasized. You can easily navigate your options behind the steering wheel. Some double din units display the full names of songs and videos. You need to ensure that your choice does.

Another important display component to check is the size of the buttons. Are they too tiny that you need to stare carefully before you press them? This can be risky, especially if you have big fingers, and you are driving at night.

2. Ease of setting up

It is good advice to go for smart stereos that do not require sophisticated assembly before they can work. You do not want to spend several hours tinkering with the device or looking for a professional to do the job for a fee.

It is better to select a device that can be installed almost immediately without too much external influence. You should choose a sort of plug and play stereo. You need to find out what it takes to remove the old stereo from your dashboard before you can fix it in the new double din head unit. Getting removal keys for the radio will help to simplify this process.

3. Aesthetic value

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Then you have to select a radio that has a beautiful design carefully. Nothing beats an amazing stereo. There is a need for you to check the frame, the buttons, the color, and the screen before you make a final choice.

Some cars have a beautiful internal design, so it is necessary to bring equipment that complements this. Although you cannot see the regions behind the screen, you should take responsibility for the areas you can see. When a stranger enters your car, you want them sucked in by your impressive double din head unit. Therefore, put that in mind before making a purchase decision.

4. navigation

One of the basic functions of a double din head unit is to make driving safer and less challenging for you. It comes with a screen display bigger than your phone’s screen, so you do not have to stare too much before operating your phone.

Some of these systems have preinstalled maps to guide your movement and prevent you from missing your road. These maps can be easily upgraded to the latest editions.

Part of the navigation features is during reversing. A couple of double din head units come with provisions for a rearview camera. Although this is not yet mainstream, we are hoping it will. However, those with a rearview camera are quite expensive. But you can rest assured that you will certainly get the value. If you are a bit scared when it comes to reversing, you might consider this.

Here is good advice for you. When you select a stereo, ensure that it can automatically sense when you are reversing and make the switch from music or video by itself.

5. Battery

Portable DVD players use batteries. We suggest that you get a headrest DVD player that powers using rechargeable batteries. You don’t spend on batteries when they are rechargeable.

You also need to ensure that the battery capacity is big enough. Bigger battery capacity can help your kids enjoy more time even when you are not charging the player.

Furthermore, we advise you to get a player with battery capacity above 3,000 mAh. A DVD player that has a battery rated 3,000 mAh should give at least 2 hours playtime without charging. 

This means a higher battery capacity should give you more than 2 hours of playtime without charging.

6. Simultaneous Video Display

What if you have two players on your headrests and your passengers want to watch the same video on both screens? Not all dual or single DVD player models support this feature. However, those that do advertise this feature. 

It will save you the stress of having to buy the same disc twice to satisfy some witty kids. Also, you can switch back to separate play mode whenever you feel like.

7. Single unit vs. dual DVD player

You can choose to buy a single unit of a DVD player. However, where you have more kids in the rear seat, having two units is preferable. One advantage of the dual kit over the single unit is that most dual kits can play a video simultaneously on both screens.

Purchasing two single units of a headrest DVD player does not guarantee both screens will play the same video. Also, many users believe buying the dual kit is less expensive compared to buying two single units of DVD player. You want to save money and enjoy maximum utility, dual screen players are preferable.

8. Durability

Value for money is also judged by how long a product serves its purpose. Durability can be inferred from the quality of the cover case, ease of accessing ports, rotation axis, and user reviews. The presence of safety features such as an in-built handle can also determine durability. You can also check portable DVD player reviews consumer reports online.

9. Charging Cord Length

There will be a need to recharge the batteries of the players when they run down. Often, the players are charged while they are still mounted on the headrest. If the charging cord is too short, it may not be able to reach the charging jack of the car.

This may require the removal of the players from the mount before they can be charged. To prevent the stress of having to move the DVD player, one should buy players that come with long cords.

10. Accessories

Apart from the user manuals, cords, and connecting cables, what other accessories come with the kit? Some kits include headphones, an extra remote and other accessories.

These may not seem very important initially, but when you consider buying them alone, they can be worth some bucks. Take advantage of good deals that offer top quality and more functions at a lower price.

11. Other features

Many DVD players come with extra features. These features may not be a top priority, but they do give users more in terms of utility. A good example is the FM Transmitter feature present in some players.

With this feature, the user can listen to his or her favorite radio stations while driving. Another fun feature includes game CDs and sometimes, gamepads. Many DVD players that give game CDs are less likely to add gamepads. That is not to say you won’t find a few that offer those features.

12. Priority

You may not be able to get a DVD player that will score 100 percent in all the factors listed above. This is why you may have to reach a compromise as to what features are more important to you.

Once you have identified the features you most cherish, then you can pick a few options that match your preference. From the options you have, it becomes easier to pick your best choice.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I mount my DVD player to my headrest?

There is no specific method for mounting all DVD players on headrests. Since mounting procedures can differ widely, manufacturers have included a mounting guide in the user’s manual.

Check your manual for the mounting procedure. If you can’t find it in the manual, watch Youtube videos demonstrating the mounting process.

2. What do I do if my DVD player gets faulty?  

It depends on how long you have been using it. Many DVD player models come with a minimum of one year warranty. If the DVD player has issues within the warranty period, you can easily call the company’s customer service for help.

The DVD may be repaired without you having to pay for it. But if you have exceeded the warranty period, you can still contact the company if they have an approved repair center near you.

3. Will playing games on my portable DVD player make it get spoilt faster?  

Playing games on the portable DVD player does not affect the longevity of the device substantially. However, because children may play games for long hours, it can take its toll on battery life.

This may likely result in diminished playtime even when the battery is fully charged.

4. Can I get a protective cover for the screen of my player?  

Yes, of course. You will find different types of screen protection covers in the market. You need to know the dimensions of your screen and player to get a matching screen cover.

5. Can the DVD player run down my car battery?  

When the DVD players are not connected to the charging jack, they do not use the car battery. However, when the car is on the go, and the player is working, the car battery doesn’t run down.

But if the car engine is not running and the player is left to charge for so long, it may drain the car battery.

6. Can I get used or refurbished DVD players?  

You can get used or refurbished DVD players on eBay and Amazon. You may also find some good deals when you visit an auto shop around your area.

7. What do I do when I find that the portable DVD player I ordered online arrived defective?  

You simply contact your seller. You may get a new replacement. Most reputable sellers have a fair return policy. You may be asked to pay an extra token to cover for transport.

Our top pick

Choosing the DVD player, it requires prior information on what is available in the market. You should also consider needs and priorities before deciding which DVD player to choose.

Our overall best product is FANGOR 10.1″ DVD Player . It can be mounted via multiple positions. It external casing is strong and durable.

The most value choice among users is Audiovox AVX10USB. This product come with powerful FM modulator, and sliding rack for easy mounting. It comes with dual IR channel for headphones.

If you have more budget to spare, the premium choice would be the Audiovox Movies2Go. It is a perfectly designed for universal mounting system with multiple video format support. As for extended use, it come with a rechargeable battery.

While there may be some portable DVD players that are packed full of features, no single one has all the features you need. Hence, you go for the one that suits your needs. Make sure you check for the warranty on your selected portable car DVD player. This may save you from having to pay for repairs when the player develops fault earlier.

We hope our review of the dvd player helps you land the one that perfectly suits your needs.

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