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While calculating the importance of all your possessions in a rank scale, your car will be at almost top of the list. That’s why you need to be concerned about its security. The best way to prevent your car from being stolen is to install one of the best anti-theft devices for cars which will ensure a proper security of your car. This car alarm system should also include great features such as a remote start system which guarantees optimum convenience where we will show all the research done in this Clifford 5906X review.

The Clifford brand has been producing automotive security products for years and they have secured a vast customer base because of the high quality products. This well-recognized Clifford quality extends to the Clifford 5906X and it is, in fact, one of the best Clifford car alarm systems with adaptable modules that can protect your car to a very high degree. After carrying out a thorough research, this Clifford 5906X review will inform you of all the amazing technologies, specs, features and pros and even the quirks of this best Clifford model.

Clifford 5906X Car Alarm System

Final Verdict for Clifford 5906X Review

  • 2-way paging system
  • Shock Sensor (Dual Zone)
  • 2-remote system

4.6 of 5 Stars

Clifford 5906X Overview

This Clifford 5906X model includes all these features and opting for it is a choice you won’t regret. Further, it is noteworthy that investing in is such a high-end vehicle theft security system will capture the interest of car insurers. This way as you secure your prized possession (car) from thieves and you also get great insurance. So, this Clifford 5906X gives you a win-win situation.

The Clifford 5906X Product Review

Do you need a car security system from a reputable brand for superior protection? Then, this Clifford 5906X is one of the best choices you can make. One aspect that makes this Clifford model outstanding is its adaptable modules which allows it to perform even better than your expectations. After installing this Clifford 5906X, you can be at ease whenever you park your car even in seedy neighborhoods. This assurance stems from the fact that this model includes a SuperCode encryption technology which makes it virtually impossible for your car to be stolen.

The premium quality of this amazing car alarm system doesn’t end there. The OLED screen on its 2-way remote is one of the best on the market. In fact, it is one of the very few car alarm models to include an OLED screen of full color on its remote. So, you can receive regular updates and other display options through very clear images.

Notable Features of the Clifford 5906X

Remote Start 

This is a significant convenience feature of this Clifford 5906X model. With this remote start, you can activate the engine of your car without any physical contact with the car. This feature has other perks. You can use it to warm the engine of your car before taking it out. This feature enables you to adjust the interior temperature of the car according to the weather. In a cold weather, you can turn on the heating system of the car and keep it warm. In a hot climate, you can turn on the air-conditioning system to keep your car cool, minutes before you get into the car.

Keyless Entry 

This is quite similar to the remote start feature. It allows you to lock and unlock the doors, windows and even the trunk without getting in physical contact with your car. The remote fob can control the locks. To ensure automotive security, the radio frequency emissions of the fob are encoded digitally in such a way that no one can steal the frequency and enter into your car without having your transmitter.

Double Zone Shock Sensor 

This shock sensors release warning chirps for light impacts and disturbances to your car. However, an alarm for a full siren blast is triggered when serious and heavy impacts are made to your car. The dual zone sensors on this Clifford alarm are of high standard as it includes adjustable sensitivity to reduce the level of false alarms. These sensors keep intending thieves away as it informs them that your car security is properly guarded with advanced technologies.

2-Remote System 

Further attributing to the well-known Clifford 5906X unit is the 2-way remote system. Unlike the regular 1-way remote system, this 2-way car alarm guarantees that you have maximum and easy control over your car and you regularly receive inputs about the car’s condition when you’re not around.

car alarm system sensor

SuperCode Encryption 

This encryption is patented and it’s in control of the Responder HD system functionality. This is an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology that makes it hard to infiltrate your car. It consists of a signal encryption which is based on software instead of the conventional code-hopping that is based on hardware. You can access two separate cars from one remote thanks to the SuperCode encryption technology. Car alarm systems with this SuperCode encryption like this model provides users to access information on their cars which cannot be obtained from the regular technology.

OLED screen 

The OLED screen designed with the remote system of this Clifford car alarm is top of the game. Unlike so many other remote screens, this one offers you visual confirmations from the security system in full color. This OLED screen fully and clearly displays warning signals about when the hood, trunk or doors of your car are opened by an intruder.

Sensor Bypass 

You can bypass the sensors by selecting the sensors and levels that you want to bypass. The advanced Responder HD on this model identifies those sensors that have been bypassed on the screen of the remote, this way you can easily be aware of the exact level of security you’ve chosen.


  • Manufactured as a 2-way paging system
  • Included Keyless entry
  • Panic Mode Switch
  • Valet Mode Switch
  • Trunk release
  • Shock Sensor (Dual Zone)
  • One year warranty on parts
  • One year labor warranty
  • OLED transmitter type
  • 2-remote system
  • 4- auxiliary channels included
  • Maximum of 2 cars can be controlled from a single remote
  • Anti- Carjacking Mode
  • SmartStart Compatible
  • Covers a mile range
  • Includes SuperCode encryption
  • Failsafe Starter Kill
  • 6-Tone Siren (Neo Revenger)
  • Activated Spread Spectrum Technology (SST} – 900 MHz


  • The free SmartStart app gives you control over the remote start and security of your car through your smartphone.
  • It features the best encryption technology for a car alarm security system, making the security system of your car very hard to crack.
  • It offers users extra modules that provide the best protection.
  • The 2-way remote features an OLED screen that offers full color.


  • This Clifford 5906X model is very expensive.
  • It is a complex car alarm system that an only be installed by a professional car alarm installer.
  • You have to purchase the bypass modulator separately, further adding to the cost.


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain replacement transmitters for my Clifford system?

You can get these transmitters from authorized Directed retailers.

Can this system drain my car battery?

Yes, it can. But at the lowest possible ratio of power consumption for car alarm systems.

Do I still have full control over my car after installing this model?

Yes, you do. In fact, this car alarm system guarantees you better control over your car


Investing into a premium car alarm system that prevents the theft of your car is a worthwhile investment. Though this Clifford 5906X model is expensive, is totally worth the cost. Moreover, it is a better choice to spend on getting this best car alarm system than realizing that your prized car and all the valuables within have been stolen. This Clifford model has superior features such as the SuperCode Encryption, the full color OLED screen, the sensor bypass, remote start system and keyless entry which make it one of the best.

Final Verdict

#1st Rated

Clifford 5906X Review

The Clifford 5906X is more than a car alarm system; it is a better choice to spend on getting this best car alarm system than realizing that your prized car and all the valuables within have been stolen.

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