Viper 5706V Review (Automotive Security System Key features)

Have you suffered criminal activities against your car before? Do you live with the fear that your car can be easily stolen from you? The Viper 5706V easily disentangles you from the fear of car theft.

It is a one of the highly recommended car alarm system on the market. This Viper car alarm is not your conventional car alarm system. With its sophisticated technology, the system ensures that you are safe from car theft.

After carrying out thorough research, we wrote this Viper 5706V review, where we will inform you on all the amazing perks and features that will help you in purchasing and installing the Viper 5706V car security system with remote starter.

Viper 5706V Car Alarm System

Final Verdict for Viper 5706V Review

!!Viper 5706V review

  • 4 auxiliary channels
  • manufactured with a one-mile range
  • 6-tone siren (Neo Revenger)

4.5 of 5 Stars

Viper 5706V Overview

With the Viper 5706V Responder LC3 2-way security in place, you can rest assured that your car and all the valuables in it are secure. Rather than the conventional car alarms where you could only depend on a blaring sound or a flash of light, this Viper car alarm model is way sophisticated with advanced technological features.

This model is one car alarm security system that makes your life so much easier. Imagine starting your car from a mile away and ensuring that it is either heated or cooled before entering it. 

We will explore this and a whole lot of other convenient features of this model.

The Viper 5706V Product Review

Do you need only one of the best anti-theft devices for cars? Then, you’ve got no worries with this Viper 5706V model.

This Viper Responder LC3 Security with Remote Start System will protect your vehicle and all the valuables you have within it. These technologies are up-to-date, more than standard.

One of the technologies which make this Viper model superior to others of is its SuperCode encryption technology.

Its other high-standard technologies include its convenient Remote Start, Fail-Safe Starter Kill, the Neo Revenger 6-tone siren and the Stinger shock sensor (Double-Guard).

This Viper model is renowned for the control. With this model in place, you should have no problem with giving commands to your car and receiving highly informative feedbacks on implementations.

To further sweeten the pot, there is a limited lifetime warranty on this product. So, if any issues come up while it’s installed in your car, you can always contact the manufacturer.


  • It is a security system with 4 auxiliary channels.
  • Its remote is manufactured with a one-mile range.
  • Included remote start.
  • Operational valet mode switch and panic mode switch.
  • Triggers for trunk and doors.
  • Compatibility applies with a maximum of 2 distinct vehicles.
  • 6-tone siren (Neo Revenger).
  • Foolproof starter kill.
  • Included auto rearm and silent arm.
  • Limited lifetime warranty on parts and labor.
  • An LCD remote pager warning system.

Notable Features of the Viper 5706V Review

1) SuperCode Technology 

If you want the best for car alarm security, then a car alarm model with the SuperCode encryption technology is a great choice.

This technology is a protocol based on software, and it encrypts all signals transmitted between the control centers and the remotes. 

This technology is patented and you can operate two different cars from a single remote.

Nowadays, car thieves are equipped with technology, but with the sophisticated SuperCode installed in your car, it will be next to impossible to steal your vehicle.

2) 2-Way Paging System

With a 2-way paging system, you do not have to depend on a sound or flash of light to know when your given commands have been carried out.

This model features a 2-way medium of communication to send commands to your car through your remote and then receive informed feedbacks. 

You can constantly get updates on the status of your car, and then, if your car is being intruded, the remote transmitter will get a message and then set off the alarm.

3) Transmitter

This feature provides conviniency to this model. This top-notch transmitter consists of five buttons. These include buttons for locking and unlocking and then a remote startup button for your car.

The LCD remote screen further makes it look cool. This LCD remote screen will show features such as lock/unlock, remote start, trunk release and arm/disarm alongside each of their statuses.

This remote screen can show warning icons to signal when the hood, doors or trunk are opened. The remote screen can also display vehicle areas that are tampered with.

4) Range

You can operate the alarm system functions, receive notifications and even remote start your car while you are a mile away.

This adds to the versatility and convenience of this model as you can still carry out some functions when you are away from your car.

Did you forget to lock the vehicle? You can do that from any location covering a mile radius.

5) Door Locks

Once you arm the installed alarm, this Viper car alarm security system automatically locks the doors of your car. Moreover, when you deactivate the alarm, your car doors open automatically.

6) Failsafe Starter Kill 

To a great extent, this can make a difference between losing or getting back your car once it has been theft. This feature has an in-built control unit that can switch off the engine of your car.

This is also known as the carjack protection mode. This is a feature found only in the most sophisticated vehicle theft security systems.

7) Compatible with SmartStart

This product works well with the Viper SmartStart module. It gives you the ability to completely control the security and remote start from a smartphone once you’ve downloaded the free SmartStart app.

Moreover, this SmartStart module includes a tracking GPS which can be used to track your car, if it goes missing.

8) Shock Sensors

The shock sensors on this Viper model are Stinger DoubleGuard. This feature notes any impact made to the vehicle and then responds with anti-intruder signals.

When your car receives a light impact, this creates a warning tweet, but a harder or repeated impact generates a full siren blast.

9) Valet Mode

You might be pondering on the question of how to stop the car from auto arm and trigger. This feature prevents that from happening.

For instance, if you need to service or wash the car, you can put it in Valet mode to prevent auto arm.

The Pros & Cons


  • Its SmartStart compatibility provides a great deal of convenience as it goes beyond the range of the remote.
  • The SuperCode technology which prevents infiltration ensures that your car is near impossible to steal.
  • The transmitter makes it easy to send commands and receive feedbacks.
  • The one-mile range of the remote is impressive.
  • Its battery life lasts for a long period and recharges very fast through a USB port.
  • Its limited lifetime warranty is a huge plus, and it shows the reliability of the model.


  • Extra sensors and auxiliaries increase the cost price.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions on Viper 5706V Review

Can I turn off the automatic trigger and arming mode?

Yes, you can. Once your car is in Valet mode, the auto arm and trigger go off.

Do I need to hire a professional to install my Viper 5706V?

The choice of this is entirely up to you. If you feel you have the capability to take on the wiring systems of your car and courage the installation, then you can do it yourself.

However, Viper 5706V is sophisticated and advanced. Its installation is not straightforward, and it might be a better option to employ one of the local car alarm installers.

Will I still have control over my car after this installation?

Yes. In fact, the Viper car alarm system offers you better control of your car and the alarm system.


The Viper Responder LC3 5706V car alarm security system and remote start is an advanced system which secures your car and the valuables within it from theft.

It comes with superior features like the SuperCode encryption, SmartStart GPS module, Stinger sensors, Failsafe Starter Kill and other incredible features. The product is covered by a limited lifetime warrany, which states that the company stands solid behind their products.

The price of this product is on the higher side. However, you are assured to get your money’s worth with this Viper model. Its durability guarantees that you can utilize it for a long period of time.

This Viper 5706V review rates this Viper model 4.5 stars of the possible 5. If you found this review helpful, feel free to share with others.

Final Verdict

#1st RatedViper 5706V car security alarm

Viper 5706V Review

This Viper 5706V model is one car alarm security system that makes your life so much easier.

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