Python 5706P Review (Automotive Security System Key features)

In a world where crime advances just about every day, a sophisticated car security system is just the thing you need. These systems are created by automotive cyber security companies to combat the menace of car thefts and vandalization. This article on Python 5706P review will bring you better understanding on what to expect and what benefits it will provide.

A good automotive security system is more than just a car alarm. It incorporates a good number of features that enables it to secure your vehicle. The Python 5706P is one of these automotive security systems and its ability to cover a good range really gives its user value for money spent. 

Python 5706P Car Alarm System

Final Verdict for Python 5706P

#1Python 5706P reviewPython 5706P review

  • Security alerts pop up real-time.
  • Offers top-notch security.
  • The battery life is outstanding.

4.5 of 5 Stars

Python 5706P Overview

Originally produced by Directed Electronics in 2011; the Python 5706p is a member of the Python series. The company manufactures one of the foremost automotive security products in the market.

Since its release, the Python 5706p has maintained a reputation for being reliable and reasonably priced. And so, in this Python 5706p review, we will objectively look at the features, pros, and cons of this security system.

The Python 5706P Product Review

This product is one of the best anti-theft devices for cars. It is much more than just a car alarm system. It is an automotive security system that has a wide range of functions.

Although the sensor range of its remote system is not up to a mile, it is still more than enough. It is powered by two (2) rechargeable CR2 batteries that efficiently give power and so this device does not need frequent charging.

The remote features an LCD screen comes really handy for staying up-to-date about the status of your vehicle.

Installation of this system is quite technical and so cannot be done without the aid of professional local car alarm installers. This increases the amount spent on this product. At the end of the day though, it is worth it.


  • This device weighs about 3.48 pounds.
  • It has dimensions of 6.5 inches x 6.5  inches x 6 inches.
  • It is powered by two (2) built-in CR2 batteries.
  • Features an SST two-way Pager/remote with LCD screens and keypad buttons.
  • One-way companion remote control, with five (5) sensitive buttons.
  • Siren sound of 120dB.

Notable Features of the Python 5706P

1) Car Tracking Feat​​​​​ure

Thanks to Python SmartStart GPS software compatibility, you can utilize this feature. When the connections are done, your car can be tracked from an app on your iOS or Android smartphone.

Apart from tracking your car, this app monitors the performance of your security system and through it, you can remotely control your device from anywhere. Although the range of the pager is great, it does not limit the range of this cellular connection.

Access to the Python SmartStart mobile application is funded by a monthly subscription, so this is a costly but advantageous feature.

2) Two-way LCD pager and One-way companion remote control

One of the remarkable features of this product is its two-way pager with an LCD screen. The display is well laid out, quite easy to understand and operate.

This feature alerts the car owner by beeping, vibrating or ringing when the car alarm is activated.

The pager can also be used to remotely send commands and prompts to the car, e.g. Start the engine, warm the boot, clear windshields, etc. The pager can also be used to deactivate the car alarm.

Another feature is the one-way companion remote control that has five (5) buttons for locking, unlocking, auxiliary controls, and other functions.

3) One-mile Sensor Range

This feature of the Python 5706p gives the two-way pager a sensor range of about a mile. And even though this does not work well around obstructions, it is quite impressive.

Most people never park more than 2500 feet away from their destinations, so this feature is more than sufficient for their needs.

4) Alarm System Features

The alarm feature of the Python 5706p incorporates a sensitive shock sensor from Stinger DoubleGuard. It has a 6-tone alarm siren that is 120dB loud from Revenger.

With a bit more tweaking, tilt and glass break sensors that are compatible with this system can also be added. This increases not just the security of your vehicle, but the price of the automotive security system. If you are looking for a similar car alarm system with such features, check out our list of models here.

The Pros & Cons


  • This product does not need frequent charging, as it is rechargeable and has strong battery life.
  • Remote auto-start system has an impressively long range of coverage.
  • The devices that make up this security system are built from quality, durable materials.
  • The user interface for the two-way LCD remote is quite easy to use and adjustments to your preferred settings can be done from it.


  • The cost of purchase and subsequent upgrades are quite expensive.
  • Cannot be installed without professional help and the car alarms installation by professionals is a bit pricey.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions On Python 5706P Review

Can this car security system lock/unlock the doors?

Yes. The Python 5706p, apart from having an alarm, also has the ability to lock and unlock the car doors. This is remotely controlled by the one-way 5-button remote.

Although, this feature may not work automatically with certain vehicles. It will need to be specifically wired or set to function in this way. Any wiring should be done by a professional.

Does this device use a smartphone app?

Although it is not in-built, the Python 5706p is compatible with the Python SmartStart software. This is a mobile application that is GPS enabled. When connected to this app, car security is heightened because the app has a car track feature.

This feature allows you to track your car wherever it is. The range is not limited by the range of the two-way pager. Also, using the SmartStart app, a car owner can monitor the conditions of the vehicle and control certain functions. Again, range is not an issue here as a cell phone network is used.

Does this device come with a siren and an ability to detect the temperature of the car interior?

Yes, to both. The Python 5706p comes with a siren that produces sound as loud as 120 dB.

This siren sounds when the car alarm is triggered. It is quite loud, increasing the distance at which you can hear it. This device also comes with a temperature sensor that is built into the alarm.

Using the two-way pager, a user can send a command to the vehicle prompting it to read the cabin temperature, which will then be transmitted to you via the display screen of the two-way pager.

Can the vehicle be started remotely without unlocking the car doors?

Yes, it can. If the car is started remotely, it does not automatically unlock the car doors. It can also be locked without affecting the car doors.

This is possible when in parking too, and it is a really convenient feature to have. Although, the engine will run for about fifteen (15) minutes before shutting off.

At what distance from the car you must be before starting it?

This depends on certain factors. One of which is the presence of obstructions. If there are buildings and such between you and your car you might have to go closer to it.

But if there are no obstructions then the remote start can work from over 2,500 feet away.

What Should I do If My Car Alarm Keep Siring Non-Stop?

Some users may have experienced malfunction car alarm, for instance, it just doesn’t go off and keep siring non-stop. There are some methods on how to disconnect your car alarm before it starts create great disturbances to your surroundings


The Python 5706P is more than a car alarm system; it is a full-fledged automotive security system. This device has a good number of features and this is reflected in its high-end price. With a two-way pager that has a one-mile range, this device has a really convenient remote system.

Apart from its expensive purchase and installation costs, this device is a very efficient and handy security system. From the consideration of this Python 5706p review, we recommend it to anyone who is not on a tight budget and places a high value on their car security.

Final Verdict

#1st RatedPython 5706P car alarm systemPython 5706P car alarm system

Python 5706P

The Python 5706p is more than a car alarm system; it is a full-fledged automotive security system. 

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