Clifford 5706X Review (Automotive Security System Key features)

These days an increasing number of people owe cars and use them regularly. It might not be listed as one of your assets but it is a very important asset. It ensures your secure conveyance from one point to another.

So apart from being logical, it is also necessary that you protect your vehicle against car thieves and vandals.

For this we came out with the Clifford 5706x review to understand the spec of it.

This car alarm system affords you a top of the range quality of car protection. It offers not just security, but also convenience and comfort.

These are things that most people look out for in car securitysystems. You can find all that with the Clifford 5706x.

Clifford 5706X Car Ala​rm System

Final Verdict for Clifford 5706X Review

!!Clifford 5706x review

  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with mini-USB charging port.
  • Four auxiliary outputs.
  • weight of about 2.6 pounds.

4.4 of 5 Stars

Clifford 5706X Overview

The Clifford 5706x is a good car security system produced by Directed Electronics Inc., one of the best automotive cyber security companies.

It is one of their high range products and it has all the bells and whistles to prove it. 

This Clifford 5706x review will look at the specifications, the features, the pros and the cons of using this product.

For increased convenience, it has a one-mile long remote sensor range, two portable remotes; a one-way remote and two-way pager.

For security, there is the Stinger double guard shock sensor, the Revenger six-tone siren, the Warn-away features, etc.

The Clifford 5706X Product Review

Currently, the Clifford 5706x is regarded as one of the best anti-theft devices for cars. 

This security system is quite versatile and efficient. Although it is not very pocket-friendly, it is also not ridiculous.

The installation process of the Clifford 5706x is not easy for the benefit of the users. This, we think is because the manufacturer’s warranty depends on a flawless installation.

The users will only enjoy all the features if the system is properly installed by a professional.

These features include; a remote sensor range of one (1) mile, a two-way LCD remote with priority icons and a one-way 4-button remote, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Other features are Silent mode 2 siren-less arming, valet mode, car tilt alert, keyless access/entry, runtime reset, temperature check, etc.

The Clifford 5706x brings a lot of features to the table, and I think this makes it worth the purchase cost.

It may not be affordable, but it is in a class of its own.


  • Product has a weight of about 2.6 pounds
  • Product dimensions are 6.5 inches x 6.5 inches x 5.9 inches.
  • One (1) priority 4-button one-way remote control with dual car operation.
  • One (1) two-way LCD remote.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with mini-USB charging port.
  • Four auxiliary outputs
  • The distance of the remote sensor range is up to one mile.

Notable Features of the Clifford 5706X

1) Rechargeable remote

This feature allows you to charge your remotes; the one-way 4-button remote, as well as the two-way LCD remote.

This is a cost-saving feature, as it helps users save money that might have been spent on replacement batteries

Also, this rechargeable function gives room for full-color displays on the two-way screen and stronger transmitters from the remotes.

2) Remote start

The remote start feature enables you to start your vehicle’s engine without the need for physical contact. It can be done within the one-mile range, which is a good distance.

The range varies as per the local conditions. The factors which hinder the range include terrain, environment, vehicle location, and other possible interference’s.

The remote start feature helps you warm up your car engine before you reach the car, saving you time.

Also, you can increase the temperature of your vehicle’s cabin to an optimum level. 

This is very useful during winter or in cold climates. In summer or warmer weather, you can reduce the temperature of your car cabin.

All these can be done remotely, as long as you’re within the one-mile range.

3) Two-way LCD remote

With the two-way LCD remote, you can control the security system of your vehicle, and get feedback from it.

You can arm or disarm your alarm, lock or unlock your door, remote start your vehicle or pop your trunk open.

This LCD remote is enabled to alert you about your vehicle’s status with visuals and audio. This remote displays the car’s status with messages like; DOOR LOCKED.

Also, it uses ghosted icons to show that you’ve changed something. Changing your vehicle from armed to valet mode displays a ghosted padlock icon.

And then there is the Priority Icon Map that displays the most important information in the middle of the screen 20% bigger than the other icons. Ensuring that you do not miss it.

The two-way LCD remote receives updates on the security status of your vehicle.

If your car is being disturbed or tampered with, you receive prompts. When the disturbance is minor these prompts are just chirps or beeps. 

But if it is a serious attempt at breaching the security of your car or vandalizing it, a full alarm goes up.

4) Shock sensor

This is one feature found in every excellent vehicle theft security system. The double-guard shock sensor detects motion around the car and can differentiate between threatening and non-threatening activities.

The shock sensor sends out a Warn-away alarm, to discourage wrongdoers while sending an alert to your two-way remote.

But when the disturbance gets more serious, the Revenger siren is deployed at the full sound. The shock sensor is remote adjustable and friendly for residential neighborhoods.

5) SmartStart software

This feature is one of the most convenient features of the Clifford 5706x. It grants you total access and control over your car’s security system.

With the SmartStart app, you can always monitor the status of your car and send commands to it, even if you are outside the remote sensor range.

Also, using the SmartStart software, you can track your car down. That is very important for finding stolen cars or tracking cars in a logistics company. Multiple cars can be monitored and controlled using this application.

All these are possible because the SmartStart mobile application is also a product of Directed Electronics Inc.

Buyers needs to be aware that this feature comes with a monthly subscription which can be quite costly.

car alarm system sensor

The Pros & Cons


  • Battery charge for remote lasts really long, even up till 9 months after the first charge.
  • Two-way LCD pager is quite small and portable.
  • Features the Silent mode 2 siren-less arming.
  • Compatible with SmartStart mobile application
  • Control multiple cars and assign users to access the vehicle.
  • The battery is quite powerful and can’t be recharged on intervals.


  • These automotive security products can only be installed by professionals.
  • Cost of purchase is quite high.


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions on Clifford 5706X Review

How do I check the temperature in my car’s cabin?

You need to go to the menu on your two-way remote and change your default ECU settings from Off to On to use the temperature checking feature.

Then press the F button on the two-way remote once. Also, remember to place the ECU in an open place where it can accurately read the cabin temperature.

Can I roll my windows up and down or do I need a separate module for that?

It depends on the type of car. With some cars, it is necessary that you get a separate module installed with your system. While, the Clifford 5706x system can control the car windows, doors, engines, temperature, etc.

Does this system allow remote start?

The Clifford 5706x allows users to start their engines from a remote location. This is done using the two-way LCD remote. After sending the command, the vehicle sends feedback to confirm or alert you about your command.


The Clifford 5706x has raised the bar for automotive security products. It is a lot better than any of the average car alarm systems. With its plethora of features, it is recommended to have one installed and explore its full capabilities.

If you can afford the cost of purchase and installation, then we advise that you get your vehicle fitted with one. While the price of the system is higher than average, the number of available features balances it out really well.

Considering all the aspects, the Clifford 5706x review rates this product 4.4 stars out of 5.

Final Verdict

#1st RatedClifford 5706X car security system

Clifford 5706X Review

The Clifford 5706x has raised the bar for automotive security products. It is a lot better than any of the average car alarm systems

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