Viper 5305V Review (Automotive Security System Key features)

Whether your car is a fancy one or not, it is still very imperative that you take security measures for the vehicle. As a car owner, your car is a prized possession as you have invested money in it.

Apart from that you might have spent on car upgrades, design and accessories, and at times you may keep some valuables in the car. Considering all these things, purchasing the best car security system is not an option but a priority. 

This car alarm system should also include great features such as a remote start system which guarantees optimum convenience where we will show all the research done in this Viper 5305V review.

Viper 5305V Car Alarm System

Final Verdict for Viper 5305V Review

Viper 5305V review

  • 120 dB weatherproof 6-Tone Siren
  • Shock Sensor – Stinger DoubleGuard
  • Included Valet Mode

4.4 of 5 Stars

Viper 5305V Overview

The Viper brand is well-recognized in the automotive security products industry. The Viper products are known for their quality, durability and advanced technologies. 

Viper 5305V doesn’t fall short of the Viper standards, and it offers protection at its best. It is another very high-quality alarm that’ll give you peace of mind. While Viper 5305V has technologies that prevent your car from being stolen.

Unlike some other Viper models, Viper 5305V is not sold at an exorbitant price, and so, even if you are on a budget, you can still securely protect your car from theft and vandalism.

To top the excellent security it provides, this Viper 5305V gives you control over your car and makes it easy to start the car engine, lock and unlock doors. We have carried out thorough research to come up with accurate information on the superior features, specs, pros and even the quirks of this incredible product.

This Viper 5305V review also includes some frequently asked questions about this product.

The Viper 5305V Product Review

The Viper 5305v is one of the top-notch quality car alarms that the Viper brand has made available for car owners. Are you in search for that car alarm security system that not only maximally secures your car but also provides you with ease in operating your car? 

Then, Viper 5305V is the right choice. This Viper car alarm features a 2-way remote start combined with its security system and an LCD that gives you immediate feedback on all your given commands.

This product is designed with the high-technology Failsafe Starter Kill, the Neo Revenger and the Stinger Sensors. This Viper car alarm ensures that you do not constantly worry about theft.

You can further control this device from your smartphone, which enhances your convenience. The product also has a GPS tracking system.


  • Automotive security system and remote start
  • One 2-way remote with LCD screen and four buttons
  • One 1-way remote with four buttons
  • Shock Sensor – Stinger DoubleGuard
  • Operational Failsafe Starter Kill
  • 120 dB weatherproof 6-Tone Siren – Neo Revenger
  • VRS anti-carjacking mode
  • Included Valet Mode
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on both parts and labor
  • Compatibility with Viper SmartStart and XpressKit DBALL2
  • Quarter mile radius for remote operation
  • Equipped with SuperCode encryption
  • 4- auxiliary channels
  • Included Dome light Supervision

Notable Features of the Viper 5305V

1) SmartStart Compatibility 

The Viper 5305V like most of the high-grade Viper models is compatible with the Viper SmartStart module. As a result, you can freely download the SmartStart app and then operate certain functions of your car system right from your smartphone. 

Some of these functions include managing the lock and unlock of your car, starting the car, opening the trunk or triggering the Panic Mode.

All these are possible as long as you have the app and cellphone reception. It essentially adds to the convenience of this Viper model.

2) Neo Revenger Siren 

The Viper 5305V also includes the 514LN Neo Revenger Siren. Each of the six sirens can generate a volume of 120dB at its peak or a much quieter chirp depending on the attack to your car. You can set the time of the siren sounds while installing the model to either 30 seconds or a full minute. 

This Revenger Siren is also weatherproof. So, it works flawlessly irrespective of the weather condition.

3) The Failsafe Starter Kill 

This is a car alarm feature found only in the best car alarms. It prevents you from experiencing the agony of car theft. The control module of this Viper 5305V includes an integrated relay which stops your car engine.

Once this is activated, it can only be disarmed through the remote control with you. So, intending car thieves are unable to hotwire your car.

4) Activating Silent Mode 

If you intend to disarm the car alarm or even arm the alarm without generating any siren chirps, then you can easily activate this Silent Mode to prevent such from happening.

5) SuperCode Encryption Technology 

This code encryption is primarily based on software and artificial intelligence (AI), and its sole purpose is to make stealing your car next to impossible. In recent times, not all car thieves depend on the crowbar technique or on hotwiring to take your car.

However, you can counter the sophisticated car hacking attempts of the thieves with the more advanced SuperCode Technology on this Viper 5305V model.

6) Valet Power Saving Mode 

Are you worried about this car alarm system constantly draining your car battery? This is a legit concern, but you can save the power of your car battery with the Valet Mode. Once this mode is activated, the auto arm and trigger of this Viper car alarm is deactivated.

While your car is in this mode, the LED of the control center illuminates but if the car engine is not turned on after an hour, the LED goes off and doesn’t come back on till you turn on the car’s engine.

7) Remote Start 

With this Viper 5305V model, you can start the engine of your car when you are in a quarter mile radius from the car. This remote system can also unlock, lock your car doors or open the car trunk. By pushing a single button, you can either warm or cool the interior of your car minutes before you get into it. 

Moreover, as a 2-way remote system, when you send commands to your car system, the LCD screen displays signals which signify that your commands have been responded to. Once you activate a security feature, the icons on LCD screen light up.

8) Shock Sensor 

The shock sensors on this Viper unit – Stinger DoubleGuard are designed to prevent impacts to your car.

The shock sensor module includes a rotary control that allows you to control the sensitivity of the shock sensors. So, a light impact to your car generates only a low warning siren chirp, warning the intruder away. 

However, a heavy or continuous impact generates the highest siren decibel to draw everyone’s attention to the intruder. This shock sensor is an effective method of preventing car theft and vandalism.

The Pros & Cons


  • The price of this Viper 5305V is budget-friendly.
  • Apart from the warning siren blast, the 2-way remote system informs you of car intruders.
  • It is compatible with the Viper GPS and SmartStart.
  • Commands are carried out instantly, and there’s high-speed communication for feedback.
  • The remote start is a huge convenience plus.
  • This model is easy to operate.
  • Includes a limited lifetime warranty.


  • For most users the quarter mile range of the remote system may not be enough.
  • Some car owners complained that the remote sizes are a bit heavy.
  • It is not easy to install, and so, it warrants extra costs for professional installation.


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions on Viper 5305V

What is the run time of the remote start?

You can preset the remote starter to the time you want it to run. While the default timer is 12 minutes, you can change that to whatever you want even up to an hour. 

If you want more than that, the reset will start all over again to give you the additional time.

How do I keep my engine running even after arriving at my destination?

You can do this with the turbo mode on the Viper 5305V. The engine will keep on running for the period you program it to run.


The Viper 5305V car alarm security system is a high-quality system with all the necessary features needed to protect your car from theft and vandalism.

However, unlike most of the other Viper car alarms of this quality, this Viper 5305V is of reasonable price. With this Viper model, you can get the best security for your car and all the valuables within it without breaking the bank.

Considering all the aspects, this Viper 5305V review rates the product 4.4 stars of the possible 5. If you found this review helpful, feel free to share with others

Final Verdict

#1st RatedViper 5305VR car alarm system

Viper 5305V Review

The Viper 5305V car alarm security system is a high-quality system with all the necessary features needed to protect your car from theft and vandalism.

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