Cobra ESD7570 Radar Detector Review – A Newbie-Friendly Model

Have you ever been caught by law enforcement or speeding or for going against a red light? Then, you know how genuinely distasteful that feeling is. Especially when it is not intentional. With Cobra ESD7570 review, you can understand further how it can help for such driver. 

Over speeding happens to everyone sometimes especially if the speed limits aren’t clear or the route is so familiar that you speed through. What if I tell you that you can completely avoid such scenarios forever? Yes, it is possible through the aid of a radar detector

In this Cobra ESD7570 review, we provide a thorough assessment on the features, pros, and cons of one of the most basic radar detectors on the market.

Cobra ESD7570 Radar Detector

Final Verdict for Cobra ESD7570


  • 360-degree detection
  • 9 -band detector
  • Users to select between city / highway modes

4.2 of 5 Stars

Cobra ESD7570 Review

A radar detector is a device that gives you an advanced warning when law enforcement is active in the area with their radar equipment. However, not all drivers are familiar with the idea of a radar detector, and it is possible that you just heard about it for the first time.

In this case, a simple-to-use radar detector is ideal, and the Cobra ESD7570 fits the bill as it doesn’t come with all the highly sophisticated technology of the more advanced radar detectors, and it gets the job done. Read on to learn if this device is truly worth your money.

The Cobra ESD7570 Product Review

Cobra ESD7570 review

If you need a trustable and easily used radar detector, then you’re on the best track with this Cobra ESD7570 – 360 Degree Detection device. The performance of this Cobra device is truly impressive, yet it is sold at a budget-friendly price.

It is a compact laser and radar detector with the ability to detect all the frequencies of laser and radar utilized by law enforcement agencies today in both Canada and the United States. 

Amazingly, despite the no-frills facet of this device, it can detect a Spectre I and VG-2 alert. This is particularly useful in states like Washington, DC, and Virginia where the use of radar detectors is illegal. This device also includes a safety alert which informs drivers about road hazards and emergency vehicles.

Even more interesting, it features an optional highway/city mode that prevents the false alerts that can come with driving in highly populated areas with several devices that can run interference.


  • Measures 2.8” in width, 3.9” in height, 1.8” in length, and 4.3 oz in weight
  • 9-Band Laser/Radar Detection with Additional Sensory Detection
  • It includes a meter for signal strength
  • It includes adjustable highway and city modes
  • It cannot be detected by VG-2 and Spectre I radar detector
  • 3-adjustable levels for brightness
  • Includes visual alerts that show the approximated distance of the detected band

Notable Features of the Radar Detector Cobra ESD7570 Review

1) Design 

As this model is an older Cobra model, its design is not as sophisticated as the current ones. But, it is sleek-looking and appealing to the eyes. Its plastic material quality is a little lacking, but it makes up for this with its functionality.

It includes buttons for mute, on/off, City/Highway mode, as well as a user-friendly scroll conveniently placed for increasing or decreasing volume.

2) Performance

As said earlier, the high performance of this unit comes a bit as a shock, considering its lack of high tech. As a 9-band laser/radar detector, it can detect eight bands signals: 

  • X Band
  • K Band
  • Safety Alert Traffic Warning System (24.060 to 24.080 GHz)
  • Safety Alert Traffic Warning System (24.100 to 24.120 GHz)
  • Safety Alert Traffic Warning System (24.180 GHz to 24.200 GHz)
  • Safety Alert Traffic Warning System (24.220 to 24.240 GHz)
  • Ka-Band
  • VG-2
  • Laser

3) 360-Degree Detection

This is one incredible feature of the Cobra ESD7570 model. With its LaserEye, it can detect the use of LIDAR (alternate name for laser) from every angle. It is often the case that the traffic enforcers laser guns can only discover your speed level when it hits the front or back of your vehicle directly. 

However, in the case of this device, the 360-degree protection can identify laser that can bounce off nearby surfaces and vehicles. Thus, this reflected laser offers users the chance to make the crucial adjustments to their speed levels quickly.

4) Detector Range

The detector range of this device varies when it is on city mode from when it is on roadway mode. While on City Mode, the detector range can go an estimated 4-5 blocks. But when it is on Highway mode, the estimated reach goes as far as an estimated 0.5 miles.

5) Mute Button

The constant sounds of detected signals which are an inherent part of this radar detector alarm can be distracting, and even annoying. Once it begins to get to you, you can quickly stop it by pressing the mute button. This button is designed to silence the radar detector until you are ready to bring it on, then you press it once again.

This model is also designed with an Auto Mute button. This button completely turns off the volume button automatically after it has occurred for four seconds. Two beeps confirm that the Auto Mute feature is on.

6) Ultrabright Display

The data display provides drivers with quick and easy recognition of the different radar threats with the aid of band identification icons. For the K and X band, the driver gets a green X/K icon, for the Ka-band, a red Ka icon, for laser, an orange L icon. The driver recognizes Safety Alerts and VG-2 detection with the yellow V/S icon.

The Pros & Cons


  • The data display is ultrabright, and it provides a splendid indication of detected signals, offering you enough time to respond
  • It offers all-sides protection with its 360-detection feature
  • It is extremely convenient to use
  • As it is invisible to Spectre I and VG-2, you can stay concealed from traffic wardens even while you are present in the vicinity


  • It covers common signals up to 9-Bandwith, but there are more technologically advanced radar detectors that can offer up to 16 bandwidths


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions On Cobra ESD7570 Radar Detector Review

Am I guaranteed of safety alerts with this device?  

Yes, there are Safety Alert Transmitters included in this device that you can only get on Cobra gadgets. These alerts can give you information on places with road hazards, railroad crossing, and incoming emergency vehicles.

Are there accessories I can purchase with the device?  

As a standard, this device package includes a Velcro dash mount kit, a coiled power cord, a mount windshield bracket kit (suction-cup), as well as documentation.

But if you are interested in optional accessories, you can get the DC power cord (straight 12V), the power adapter (dual port), and the power adapter kit (hard-wired) separately.


Numerous drivers on the road, particularly older people or people new to the idea of radar detectors, do not want a device that’ll be too complicated to handle. It could also be the case that they do not want to break the bank to purchase a radar detector.

This is where the Cobra ESD7570 comes in handy as it has an unsophisticated ideal radar/ laser detection device with incredible functionality. It offers all the basics of radar detectors and protects laser and radar. The driver can avoid tickets and stay safe with traffic safety alerts.

This Cobra ESD7570 review rates this device 4.2 stars of the possible 5.

Final Verdict

#1st RatedCobra ESD7570

An affordable radar laser detector with reliable and proven performance

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