A Thorough Review of the Uniden R1 Radar Detector

Sometimes, even the most disciplined driver need speed, the kind that is above the speed limit. That becomes an issue when you have to contend with law enforcement stationed all around your route, waiting to catch any errant speed demons. If you don’t do anything about this, you will find yourself being issued speeding tickets frequently and here is where Uniden R1 review comes in. 

But you can do something about it, something that will not only legally prevent tickets, but that will also keep the law off your back. This something is called a radar detector, and they are of different types and capabilities. But you need the best quality your budget can afford, and this Uniden R1 review will provide you the information you will need to get a radar detector for your car.

Uniden R1 Extreme Long Range Radar Laser Detector

Final Verdict for Uniden R1

#1uniden r1 review

  • High level of radar sensitivity
  • Able to filter and detect most radar bands (K, Ka and X)
  • High quality OLED display for easy reading

4.3 of 5 Stars

Uniden R1 Overview

Uniden is a well-known name in the radar detection community. Although it is currently best known for the R1, R3, and the R7; it has a good number of top-performing products. Like the Uniden MapTrax, Uniden GPSRD, Uniden LRD-450, and several others.

These radar detectors are very budget friendly but constructed well enough to give you top-range quality. Uniden focuses on delivering durable products and accessories, impressive audio quality, great signal filtering, bright, colorful and straightforward displays, and so much more. 

The Uniden R1 is a product of this dedication to impeccable standards. All the perks and features that come from using a Uniden device are present in the R1. Here is the review that has a comprehensive breakdown of all you can expect from this device.

The Uniden R1 Review

This radar detector has a reputation for being affordable and performing remarkably. It is one of the recent products from Uniden, and this means it has the latest technology. It can provide a long distance and a 360-degree coverage to a precise and sensitive radar signal filter and quality audio and colorful visual output. It is also made from excellent quality materials, making it durable and reliable.  

The R1 can detect radar from different bands, like K, Ka, X, and Laser, as well as a super-fast signal processor. That means once a radar in any of those bands is within range, you’ll get an alert immediately. Its settings can be adjusted to suit your driving needs and your environment. 

You can choose to mute all bands, especially when you’re around a commercial area. You can also adjust the audio settings to your preferred volume, and the brightness of your OLED display can be dimmed or increased. The R1 is quite easy to configure, and you can do it without spending much time. If you are looking for a radar detector to avoid speed traps on the highways or straight roads, this is your best.

In spite of all these perks, the Uniden R1 review has some drawbacks. Such as its lack of GPS location – this makes it impossible to have a speed/red light camera alert feature. Although for its price, you won’t get all the bells and whistles, you are getting peace of mind.


  • Its dimensions are 1.2 x 2.2 x 6.8 inches
  • It weighs 1.1 pounds
  • It has a multicolored OLED screen
  • Ultra-sensitive K/Ka/X band filter
  • Voice/audio notifications
  • Single and double suction mounts included
  • Digitally enabled signal processor
  • Includes a cigarette adapter with mute key and a USB jack

Notable Features of the Uniden R1 Radar Detector

1) Sensitivity and Range 

This device displays a remarkable sensitivity to radars in X, K, and Ka bands. These are the bands that law enforcement radars are usually on, and so it is much easier for you to drive past patrol vehicles unnoticed by the officers.

The Uniden R1 is a long-range detector, and so it can pick up radar signals from long distances away. That gives you enough time to slow down to a law-abiding citizen. 

Another perk of this product is its ability to offer you full coverage. That means as long as the radar is within range of your device, it will detect, no matter what direction. So this detector watches your back, front, left, and right.

2) Modes

You can rely on the Uniden R1 to keep you free of false alerts. That is because most commercial areas have objects that produce unnecessary radar, such as Automatic doors. 

This device has different modes that have settings custom-made for a variety of events and needs. An instance is the City mode that allows you to mute all bands that are not strictly from Law enforcement. Another is the advanced mode where you can adjust the sensitivity of your radar detector to specific radar bands.

3) Speed

The digital signal processor of this radar detector is a piece of extremely fast equipment. In less than a second, this processor can detect a radar signal from its 360-degree coverage. Then, it analyzes the signal and alerts you to its results. 

The closer you get to the source of the radar, the faster the alerts come. Unlike with other radar detectors, this lightning-fast performance grants you enough time to react and adjust your speed accordingly.

4) False Flag

In spite of its sensitivity and speed, you can avoid false flags/alerts. The R1 has been configured to ignore any radars that would typically give you false alerts. This feature saves you from getting these annoying alarms by giving you error free notifications. It is an essential factor to consider when buying a radar detector because you do not want any unnecessary alerts that will scare or distract you from your driving. 

5) Display

With its bright OLED screen, it is very easy to read and comprehend whatever the radar prompts. Unlike with other radar detectors, here you do not have to use a guide to help you decipher what the messages are saying. This display shows you everything in a format that is easy to read; from the kind of radar detected, to its frequency.

The Pros & Cons


  • The Uniden R1 has a high level of radar sensitivity 
  • It is easy to use
  • It has a very low rate of false alarms
  • It filters and identifies most radar bands, such as K, Ka, and X
  • It has a bright and colorful OLED display that is easy to read
  • You can select your preferred alert tone
  • Its mute button power cord makes it convenient to use


  • It does not have the speed/red light camera alert feature
  • Suction cup(s) can be a bit unstable


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions On Uniden R1 Radar Detector

Does the R1 have band segmentation? 

Yes, it does. The bands that it can detect are K, Ka, X, and Laser. Using the mode settings you can narrow or widen the range of bands you want to filter.

Does the Uniden R1 have a GPS red light/speed camera alert feature? 

This Uniden R1 does not have this GPS alert feature because it does not have the GPS antenna.

Do you get an alert when you go over the speed limit? 

No, it does not alert you when you go over the speed limit. It only lets you know that you are approaching a patrolman whose radar is on alert.

Does this radar detector come with a cigarette adapter? 

Yes, Uniden R1 comes with a cigarette adapter and a window mount.


Speeding seems to be a vice most people cannot live without; it’s almost reflex. That’s why you end up with speeding tickets. In this Uniden R1 review, we covered its specs, pros, and cons, features, as well as answers to most commonly asked questions. 

The Uniden R1 radar detector is easy to use, highly reliable, affordable, and performs remarkably. It may not have a speed alert, but that doesn’t make it less desirable. We rate this Uniden R1 radar detector 4.3 stars out of possible 5. 

You have been provided with enough information to help you decide. So waste no more time, your ticket-free life awaits.

Final Verdict

#1st RatedUniden R1

A good budget with top quality long range radar detector that you can get!

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