Valentine One Review & A Radar Detector To Avoid Speeding Ticket

Every driver should respect speed limits for the safety of everyone. But in our busy world today, it is easy to get distracted when driving, and you could be driving above the speed limit. Unknown to you, traffic police lasers are out to make an example of you.

All of a sudden you bump into the cops net and you are booked. Whether you over-speed intentionally or not, you are more likely to be booked than warned. Consider the time you will waste sorting yourself with traffic authorities.

Also, the financial implications of getting a ticket could spell a major setback for your finances – whether you surpassed the speed limit willingly or not. Valentine One radar detectors will warn you of threat signals and shield you against getting booked by the traffic police. Find out more from this Valentine One review.

Valentine One Radar Laser Detector

Final Verdict for Valentine One


  • High performing radar with multiple radar antennas
  • Excellent laser reception
  • Capable in monitoring both front and rear of the vehicle

4.0 of 5 Stars

Valentine One Review

Valentine One is an old-established radar detector device that has set standards for the radar detectors on the market. Due to its reputation for high accuracy, reliability, and legendary design, it remains the top choice for professional drivers and loyal newbies.

It boasts of top-notch features that even many relatively recent brands are having tough challenges in surpassing. Since its debut in 1992, few changes have been made to its original physical design. However, over the years, the company has been updating the product with advanced internal technology to keep its high status in the radar detectors market.

Whether you are new to using radar detectors or you are a radar detector geek, we present you an in-depth review of the perks and features of this high-performance product.

The Valentine One Product Review

valentine one review

The Valentine One radar detector is compact, having many advanced features that earn it a good reputation in the radar detectors’ market. It comes with a metallic (magnesium) case which offers the device protection against external electrical interference.

Besides that, it also comes with a suction cup and magnetic stands for easy mounting on the car dashboard or windshields. Its sizeable control knob helps to switch the device on or off. The knob also controls volume and can be used to mute alerts. 

The rear antenna gives the device the ability to detect threats both in front and behind the car. High quality LED display helps users to read text on the device easily. By looking at the screen, users can see the exact number of threats identified, where they emerge, which type of threats, and how they move.

Additionally, many features can also be accessed when users configure the device using a special Bluetooth module to connect with the V1 live app.


  • Arrow Directional Indicators
  • Smart Threat ID Technology enabled
  • Two-way Radar Antenna (front and rear)
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 2.5 x 4 inch
  • Product Weight: 10.6 ounces

Notable Features of the Radar Detector Valentine One Review 

1) Suction Cup 

The device comes with suction cup for easy mounting of the device in the car. Whether you prefer the device to stand on your dashboard or you want to attach it to your windshield right above the rearview mirror, the suction cups work just fine.

2) Super Sensitivity

It has highly effective detection technology which is capable of identifying 5 different band types, including X, K, Ka, Super Wideband Ka, and all police laser bands. If there is only one reason old customers continue to use this product, this is it. 

It can sense handheld police radar from up to two miles away (especially in the United States). You get the time and space to adjust your speed before you get to see the traffic police. 

3) Large and Conspicuous Control Knob

Though regarded as a bit archaic, the control knob on V1 performs many functions. This makes it easier to use, even for newbies. By turning a single knob, you can turn on the device or turn it off. You can also use the same knob to set the device to the volume of your choice.

So with the right volume adjustment, you can distinguish real threat alerts from the sound from your radio or music player. The same knob can also be pressed to mute the device after receiving threat alert.

4) Rear Antenna Function

Valentine one is capable of monitoring bands from both the front and the rear of a vehicle. For instance, as you are about to be sandwiched between two traffic police threats, some other types of detector would only warn you of the threat approaching you from the front. The threat from behind is left out.

This is not the case with Valentine One. Both threats from the front and rear of your car are detected and communicated to you via the device screen. You can assess the situation and decide on your next line of action.  

5) Arrow Directional Indicators

In-built arrow lights on the radar detector device show drivers where laser bands are in the vicinity. The device also tells how many lasers and radar are present, their strength, and what band as it alerts you. In case you are targeted by multiple threats, you can decide whether to continue driving on the same road or take an alternative route

6) New False Alarms Technology

This helps the radar detector distinguish between “noise” and real threats. Due to their high sensitivity, old versions of V1 have been criticized for raising many false alerts on city roads; the recently added Junk-K Fighter tends to address this issue. Users can now be sure of getting more accurate threat alerts.

The Pros & Cons


  • With a length of only six inches, this device will not obstruct other accessories in your car
  • Easy to install
  • It can detect a threat from as far as three miles away
  • Advance threat ID technology
  • Hardware and software updates are available for users
  • Relatively low price


  • Extra cost on software or hardware updates/upgrades
  • Lack of GPS and Bluetooth connectivity
  • It is relatively heavy
  • Old-fashioned design


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions On Valentine One Radar Detector

Does this device come with warranty? 

There is usually a warranty on the product. Check with your retailer before purchasing the device.

How fast is the device in identifying and alerting users of threat? 

It is very fast, but you are advised not to go on very high speeds so you can quickly adjust your speed before you run into a threat.

Will Valentine One work in Europe? 

It will work, but there may be a few hindrances. Euro Mode feature has been recently added. This feature ensures that V1’s radar sensitivity works perfectly in Europe and some other countries outside the United States.

Differences in laser threats based on location has been considered. Latest V1 updates have these features installed, but the users themselves can only activate the features. Visit V1 official website for do-it-yourself instructions

How do I update my V1?

You can give your vendor the device to help you to make the upgrades. It is easier and less stressful


Comparing the price of the Valentine One review with its performance, it delivers on its generally touted advanced sensitivity features. High accuracy, long range, and the recently added Junk-K Fighter makes it quite a leading model amidst other products and brand.

However, the need for regular updates by users can be an issue for many users, depending on individual preferences. Some people prefer to buy an “all in one” package with full functionality and no update option.

The lack of GPS and absence of other functions such as the ability to tell the exact Speed Limit for a particular highway (a feature that is becoming popular in other brands of radar detectors) are drawbacks. If you don’t mind the extra weight, the design, and absence of GPS, our Valentine One review suggests it is sure to deliver high-quality radar detector experience that only a few rivals can match.

We would rate Valentine One radar detector 4.0 on performance.

Final Verdict

#1st RatedValentine One

One of the highest performing radar detectors on the market with multiple radar antennas.

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