AVITAL 5305L Review (Automotive Security System Key features)

The Avital 5305L, released from the stables of Directed Electronics Inc., is a security system that comes fitted with a good number of features.

All for the security and comfort of vehicles and their users.

Some of these features include; a car alarm with a siren, a two-way remote with an LCD screen, an accompanying one-way remote with four (4) buttons.

We have put the Avital 5305L review together to objectively show the gains and lows of this product.

The above-listed features are just a few that the Avital 5303L brings to the table, but all the features can only be enjoyed if you get this device installed by a professional.

And although car alarm installation prices are quite steep, the professionals (especially the authorized ones) get the job done.

AVITAL 5305L Car Alarm System

Final Verdict for AVITAL 5305L Review

!!AVITAL 5305L review

  • 1 two-way LCD screen remote control.
  • Compatible with Directed SmartStart software.
  • 6-tone siren (Neo Revenger).

4.3 of 5 Stars

AVITAL 5305L Overview

Automotive security is a growing industry that has evolved from the business of merely making car alarms and past that.

All these begin from a need to combine the safety/security of vehicles and their owners, with the comfort and convenience.

They have moved to making car alarms with features that are convenient. That is the hallmark of technological advancements.

The Avital 5305L has been designed to do all this. It is also easily accessible, with a price range that suits the budget of an average car owner.

The range of its remote sensor leaves a lot to be desired, but it has other perks, too.

Other than Avital model, here is some other model to looking into at Best Car Alarm System.

The AVITAL 5305L Product Review

Produced by one of the most popular automotive cyber security companies, the Avital 5305L is a car security system that is well-known.

It is similar to the Viper and Python security systems which are also from Directed Electronics Inc. 

The good reputation of this system is not baseless, as it offers car security, personal safety, budget, and desire for comfort.

This product has a remote sensing range of about 1,500 feet. Sometimes, the presence of buildings and other obstructions may interfere the radio signals.

Also, this system comes with two (2) remote controls. The two-way LCD remote start and the one-way 4-button remote. 

These enable you to send commands to the vehicle and receive notifications and alerts.

In spite of its many features, this product is quite affordable and easily fits into strict car maintenance and upgrade budgets.

This Avital 5305L review has been written to sufficiently examine the qualities of this security system.


  • Weight of three pounds.
  • Device dimensions of 6.5 inches x 6 inches x 6.5 inches.
  • 1 two-way LCD screen remote control.
  • 1 one-way 4-button remote.
  • Compatible with Directed SmartStart software.
  • Encrypted radio signals.
  • 6-tone Neo Revenger Siren.
  • Five auxiliary ports for optional functions.
  • Remote Trunk control.

Notable Features of the AVITAL 5305L Review

1) Remote start feature

This feature allows a user to remotely activate the engine of a vehicle. This can be done from a maximum distance of about 1,500 feet.

This features really comes in handy in winter as it helps saves engine warming time and you can set the cabin temperature to your preferred level.

In warmer climates, this feature helps with the cases of car-related heatstroke by letting users turn on the air-conditioning and lower the car temperature before they arrive at the car.

All this is done through the transmission of radio signals from the remote control to the vehicle.

2) Two-way liquid crystal display remote

The two-way LCD remote is a feature that allows you to send and receive commands to and from the vehicle.

This LCD device also relays alerts and notifications to you, and is used to monitor the vitals and status of the car security.

This remote feature functions like; remote start, trunk release, disarm or arm alarm, car door lock or unlock, etc. It also functions as an alarm of sorts.

It receives notifications from the vehicle if it is being tampered with and vibrates or rings loudly to alert you.

This LCD remote works by sending out radio signals in a frequency that is peculiar to this particular automotive security system and can only be detected by specific selected vehicles.

3) Keyless access feature

The Avital 5305L has a Keyless access feature that allows car owners to unlock and lock their car doors without the need for keys or physical contact.

The two-way LCD remote or the one-way button remote can be used to achieve this.

This feature works because the remote (any of them) emits a digitally encrypted radio signal.

This signal is then transmitted to the sensor installed in your vehicle which interprets the command and carries it out.

4) Sensitive shock sensor

The dual zone shock sensor is sensitive and discerning enough to differentiate between minor disturbances and the more serious disturbances.

The minor disturbances trigger beeps and chirps that simply notify you of the disturbance, thereby preventing a false alarm. 

While the alarm with the siren blaring is triggered when the shock sensor detects tampering of a more serious nature.

5) Trunk release feature

The Avital 5305L comes with a remote trunk release feature. This allows you to pop the car trunk open without any physical contact with the car.

It is done using a remote transmitter and comes handy when you go for shopping and return with arms full of luggage.

The Pros & Cons


  • Temperature detection that can automatically trigger window defrosting.
  • With the right settings, this device can control up to four (4) different vehicles at a time.
  • The panic button can be deployed even when the car is on, so a stolen vehicle can be flagged.
  • The Trunk release feature is quite convenient.
  • The alarm system comes at an affordable price.


  • Unimpressive remote sensor range.


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions On AVITAL 5305L Review

How difficult is it to install this system and how long does it take?

The installation guide or manual for this system is not designed for an untrained or inexperienced person.

These systems are quite technical and vital to your car security. 

This is why the manufacturers of the Avital 5305L have done their best to ensure that the only qualified and authorized persons do so.

Failure to do this will result in a performance of the security system that is not up to par.

Does this security system come with a motion detector?

This is not one of the primary features of the Avital 5305L, but it can be enabled by connecting a separate module.

This motion detection works by sensing movement around the vehicle, analyzing its gravity and sending alerts to you. 

You receive chirps, for harmless movements, and full-blown alarms, for serious tampering.

Does this car security system control door and window locks?

Yes, it does. This automotive security system has the ability to lock and unlock the doors in your vehicle.

This feature is remotely controlled by the two-way LCD remote or the one-way 4-button remote.

It can be done over a distance of about 1,500 feet, although this distance is not always achieved because of obstructions. 

There are also other remotely controlled features like; arming and disarming alarms, trunk release, remote engine start, etc.

Why doesn’t my alarm go off when I hit or push it hard enough to rock it?

The dual zone shock sensor is not just sensitive, but it can also differentiate between motion that is threatening to the vehicle’s security and motion that is a false alarm.

The above actions are being interpreted by the car as non-threatening. So, it is supposed to send chirps and beeps but not trigger the alarm. 

Can I regulate the sensitivity?

Yes, you can certainly regulate the sensitivity of the impact sensor. 

Does that package include a bypass model?

No, you will have to buy the bypass model separately. 


There are a good number of automotive security products in the market, but this one is distinctive. This is because it is affordable and gives real value for money spent.

Although the range covered by the remote sensor is on the lower end, but this is what you get for a product of that price. The system also features remote start system and two-way remote.

After considering all the aspects, this Avital 5305L review rates this product 4.3 stars out of possible 5

Final Verdict

#1st Rated

AVITAL 5305L Review

Produced by one of the most popular automotive cyber security companies, the Avital 5305L is a car security system that is well-known

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